Common questions

home breastfeeding help in Brisbane North

Mothers are more likely to breastfeed when partners support them in both emotional and practical ways.

Where will the consultation be held?

I consult in the comfort of your own home or in my home office. I service northern suburbs of Brisbane and may service adjacent areas for an additional fee. 

What do I need to do before the consultation?

  • If you haven’t had your baby weighed within the previous week or since birth, it would be helpful to have a weigh check done at your local Community Child Health Centre, GP or pharmacy.
  • Write down any questions or concerns you or your partner may have, so we can discuss these during the consultation.
  • Ensure your baby’s (red) Health Record Book is handy on the day.

Can my partner or other support person be present?

Absolutely!  As long as you are comfortable with this, it can be very helpful for your partner to understand what is happening and the strategies you will be using to help improve breastfeeds.  They can be a fantastic source of emotional and practical support and can remind you of useful tips that helped during the consultation.

How long will the consultation take?

This can vary according to individual circumstances.  Most consultations take about 1½ hours.  The consultation fee is at a flat rate.

What can I expect?

If your baby isn’t showing signs of readiness to feed, we will start by getting a general picture of what’s been happening and what your main concerns/challenges are.  This will include gathering information about your pregnancy, birth and experience with your baby. It is also helpful to have a review of your baby’s general health status and anything else that may influence how things are going.  It’s really important to look at the big picture as it can be the ‘not so obvious’ that is impacting on your breastfeeding relationship.

I will observe your baby feeding and together we will work out strategies needed to help you achieve your goals.

What if my baby is ready to feed before the consultation?

It is unusual for a baby to have a regular feeding pattern, so if your baby shows signs that they are hungry, let me know straight away (by text or phone).   We can then work out the best way to manage this.  Generally we wouldn’t make the baby wait for a feed.  This will only result in a very unhappy baby and stressed mum.

What happens after the consultation?

At the conclusion of our time together, I will leave you with your own individualised plan of care to reference.  I encourage you to contact me within 24-48 hours (or as needed) to let me know how things are going.  This follow-up support is included in the fee.  Sometimes, mothers and babies need an additional face to face consultation and this will be provided at a discounted rate.  I can see you and your baby as many times as you require.