After baby arrives

I consult in the comfort of your own home or in my home office at a time suitable to you and your baby’s needs.

It can be stressful with a newborn and difficult to gain the right information about breastfeeding.

A nurturing support network that you can rely on, particularly if you are having challenges, will calm you and your newborn.

Even if you feel you are doing okay, things can change. A lactation consultant helps you gain more information to help avoid potential challenges and gives you the practical skills to intervene early should they arise.

Consultations can be personalised to:

  • Address specific breastfeeding concerns and challenges you may have
  • Reassure you everything is going well and evaluate how your baby is feeding
  • Answer general questions you may have about breastfeeding your baby

 You will also receive reference material to use after the consultation.

breastfeeding help information and avoid challenges

Duration is 1 ½ - 2 hours
Fee includes a follow-up correspondence by phone/text or email.

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