About Breastfeeding

Babies are born with feeding reflexes and behaviours to help them latch and feed beautifully, as does any other mammal.

Yes, your baby is clever too!
Why then, do so many mothers have breastfeeding challenges?

Many factors throughout the last few centuries including the loss of traditional knowledge has negatively impacted on this normal, yet extraordinary activity of daily life.


Many mothers and babies experience challenges with feeding, you are not alone. Many mothers need personalised help to achieve their desired goals.  There are many ways mothers access information. When they think feeding isn’t going well, the internet often becomes a primary resource for personalised help. Although there are some excellent resources out there, information you need is often difficult to sift through and you can easily become misinformed.


Every mother and baby have a unique relationship and therefore deserve attention from a health professional with the knowledge, sensitivity and practical skills to identify changes to benefit mum and baby. An IBCLC has the expertise to develop strategies in collaboration with each mother-baby pair to best suit their needs.